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  • Everyone: LOKI NO
  • Loki: LOKI YES
  • *later*
  • Loki: Okay yeah, Loki no.

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1


Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1


The conclusion to the Windblade mini-series is out today!! And Starscream is pissed! X) 

Thank you everyone - fans, IDW, mscottwrites - for the thrilling ride. It was such an honor to do this series and an experience I will never forget. Thanks Mairghread for making me fall in love with new characters and letting me draw so much of this flying dorito. Thanks John Barber for taking a chance with me and giving me this opportunity. Thank you FANS for embracing the series and showering me with gifts any time I crawl away from my desk to a convention. You have all touched me and I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am. 

But this is not the end! I am guesting on Robots In Disguise #33, and Windblade is destined to return in 2015, so keep a look out for me. ;) 

Stone is the reason I picked this limited series up. I absolutely love looking at her art. The cover for issue #3 did its job and made me buy the book just to see the pretty on the inside.


Babiru 41 Edgar full equiped by duster132

Inner Universe | GITS:SAC


Preview: All New X-Men 30
endis & Picheli
Cover by Stuart Immonen

The energy in the club is strong, as Laura is able to move by instinct, as the music plays. She has already claimed Warren from other females.

Look at her expression as she saves him. She is exhilarated, and having fun. Then he gets the chance to return the favor.

I think these two could be very good for each other. She can save him from the darkness growing inside, and he can bring her back from the edge. The look they share, as they wake up with those deep eyes for each other is powerful.

I hope Betsy makes an appearance in the next 6 months.

I am going to miss Stuart, but Sara is going to fit right in.

I just want to point out to people just how good these pages are. No lettering on them yet and they STILL tell a story. I know what is happening and how the characters feel in every single panel. To paraphrase David Mamet, “The story is in the cuts.”

I look at this and get insanely jealous and feel like a hack. I should be working on the script for Vol 2 #2 but instead I want to sit down and reverse engineer this.


私、怒っています - そんなあなたに

I am so very sick of your shit, human.


私、怒っています - そんなあなたに

I am so very sick of your shit, human.

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A few thoughts on the passing of Paul McLeod — He was a very troubled man, consumed by obsession. It covered the walls and ceiling of his house. It was his life, day in and day out. If you thought about it for any length of time, you’d realize it was a very sad situation. Mental illness is an ugly beast. But he brought so much joy to so many people. I have nothing but fond memories from my 30+ visits to see him. I brought my parents once, in one of the only times I went before midnight. I can still find my picture on his walls. I’ve given tours in his stead while he welcomed new guests. And I’ve taken more people than I can remember for their inaugural visit. Not a single one ever took him up on his money back “and I’ll pay you” guarantee. His son has been gone for years, and if I were him I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same. He named his son Elvis. His wife of 22 years said, “It’s Elvis or me,” and he showed her the door. He loved Elvis. He loved everything about Elvis. And he loved sharing that love with thousands and thousands of people from around the world. He always said he was going to be buried in that gold sequin suit he had made. I hope his last wish is granted. Rest in peace, Paul McLeod. Glory glory hallelujah.

I was one of the people Joey took on their inaugural visit. It was a surreal experience but one I’ll never forget

This was a rite of passage for folks at Ole Miss. Sad news.


EW’s First Look + First Thoughts at Project: Rooftop